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This is the Deluxe Version of Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition (because one subtitle just is not enough). In addition to DRM-free copies of the game for PC, Mac, and Linux (and a Steam key), this package also includes:

  • Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition - Art and Commentary
    • A 235-page eBook containing high-res art from the game, notes from the development process, promotional materials and designs, and commentary on the game's development, design, and narrative from the writer/designer of the game
  • Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition OST
    • A DRM-Free copy of the game's soundtrack by Neutrino Effect. 12 tracks, 320 kbit/s MP3.

In her mid-20's, Kelly has been forced to move back to Nebraska. Back to that flat expanse, that seemingly endless sea of rustling cornstalks peppered by rusty silos and rustier towns. A typically intense Midwestern storm is approaching while Kelly is out; she needs to get home.

About the Game

Three Fourths Home is a visual short story in which you assume the role of Kelly during her drive through the storm. In the 20 miles between her grandparents' crumbling barn and her parents' home, she receives a phone call from her mother. While driving through a stylized representation of rural Nebraska, you must navigate an extended conversation between Kelly and her parents and younger brother.

Three Fourths Home takes a look into a specific moment of these characters' lives and their relationships with one another. The narrative touches on a variety of issues affecting Kelly and her family, including disability, adulthood, and familial obligation.


As a visual short story, dialogue choice is the primary focus of Three Fourths Home. Between the main game and the epilogue, nearly 800 unique dialogue choices shade the story differently based on how you play. In addition to dialogue choice, you must also keep driving in order to keep the conversation going. Stop, and time slows to a crawl. Kelly has to move forward in order to get home.

New to the Extended Edition

Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition includes an expanded edit of the initial release as well as several new elements, including a new epilogue in addition to a number of extra features.

Epilogue: Idling in the Rubble

Set at a bus stop in snowy Minnesota, Idling in the Rubble follows another conversation that Kelly has with her mother. The 20-30 minute experience delves into Kelly's past, examining her reasons for moving back to Nebraska and her internal struggle following the events of the main game.

Extra Features


Listen to the soundtrack by Neutrino Effect


Four new stories penned by Kelly's younger brother, Ben


Take a look through Kelly's final project for her college photography class.

All purchases include keys redeemable on Steam and Desura in addition to a DRM-Free copy of the game.


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