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A simple game, made for FlappyJam.

Control Altefoor the mouse as he attempts to escape a peculiar place using a peculiar device.

Weaves in a loose narrative using the framework of a runner.

Play it? It's sort of neat!

Featuring a few tracks from Neutrino Effect.

CONTROLS (in case you missed the splash screen):

  • Jump/Next Screen = SPACE
  • Squeak = F
  • Pause = ESC


Jump over the blocks as Altefoor barrels forward. Land on the blocks (or hit them just the right way when you slam into them) and the blocks will crumble.

Blocks have a warning at the bottom of the screen when they are approaching, but not for long. Platforms do not.

There is an ending, this isn't an endless runner. Don't give up!

BONUS: Comes with on-disc SUBTEXT!